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Learn about the options that are right for you


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Retha is a certified Medicare expert

The first step to understanding Medicare is to let an expert like Retha answer your questions and help you find the plan that will be best for you. Medicare can be confusing, but Retha makes signing up and choosing the best plan easy.


There are several options for you to choose from depending on cost, location and health needs.


Retha represents the majority of health plans in most states for Medicare recipients. 


Once a year during annual election period, is when you can make changes to your current plan. 2023 AEP is November 1st - December 3rd. If you have had increased drug costs or just want to change to a different provider, Retha is here to help by reviewing your plan to see if there is an alternative that would be better. 

Retha checks the rates and options from many of your favorite carriers

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2023 Annual
Election Period
Nov. 1st - Dec. 3rd

This is the time to sign up for Medicare or make changes.

If You Don't Do
The Right Thing...

You could have penalties. Retha can make sure you understand everything and don't have any penalties.

Turning 65 in

Medicare can be complicated, but Retha will make signing up easy!

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