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Retha Rish

The People's Choice Insurance Agency For Life Insurance, Medicare and LegalSheild

"Retha is the BEST! My mom was moving across the country and needed to make changes to her Medicare. She was really stressed about how she was going to do that. Fortunately I know Retha and had her call my mom. One phone call and Retha had my mom completely taken care of. And my mom said it was the easiest conversation she has ever had about Medicare!"

Claire Jaramillo


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Medicare General enrollment Period is January 1 - March 31, 2024

If you are turning 65 or want to understand what Medicare offers, let's go over your options together. 

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Life Insurance & Annuities can complement each other to guarantee lifelong Financial protection.

Retha is an expert in both, she can help you understand and plan for your financial future.

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Online prepaid legal services & plans

LegalSheild offers a network of experienced lawyers that can help you with your legal needs, such as wills & probate, traffic & accidents, divorce & child custody to name a few.



My purpose is to help pre-retirees plan for a successful retirement.


I offer FREE a review of your Medicare options. Medicare has many parts and I can help you select options that are best for you.

I also focus on the transition of your IRA and other company provided benefits such as life insurance and healthcare. The central focus is on deferring income tax and providing a steady income through retirement.

I am here to help you design a plan for your retirement by answering any questions and helping you understand all the options available to you and your family.

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