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Retirement Planning

Life Insurance & Annuities

Retha is your lifelong partner, she is a dedicated experienced financial planner who creates strategies designed to evolve around you and your family.

Retha can help you strategize when to retire and how to ensure your money will last throughout your lifetime.


Life insurance and annuities allow investing on a tax-deferred basis and can provide you with the continued lifestyle you want. 

Retha can help you design a future that provides you and your family with what is most important to you.


There are many options and strategies to be considered when planning for your financial future. Schedule an appointment with Retha today to start your future off right.  

Do you want to
talk about your retirement plan?

It is free to talk to Retha. She is paid by getting you the correct plan.

Life Insurance and Annuities 

Although they work in seemingly different ways, they can work together to ensure you have money for a lifetime.


Don't think you can afford to start your future now? Retha can show you how. 

Your future is affordable now.
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